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Duty Free Strategies

Staftex manufactures in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Egypt.

Bangladesh and Cambodia are duty free to Canada, while Cambodia and Egypt are duty free to USA in some categories.

In Bangladesh, Staftex only works with factories that are ACCORD and/or ALLIANCE approved. Staftex independently audits the factories for Social Compliance and continuously monitors production at these locations.

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Staftex has been in Egypt for several years and has developed extremely strong relationships with some of the largest manufacturers in this region. Today, we are able to manufacture garments with extremely complicated styling and embellish them in-house using latest technologies in screen printing and embroidery.

Egypt is also able to produce several polyester knits and blended knit fabrics locally, enabling us to offer our customers a quicker turnaround time.

Staftex has access to a huge production capacity in Egypt

Egypt has 2 vessel sailings per week. The transit time into New York is 12 days, while it is only 7 days to most ports in Europe.